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SmartKey Office Password Recovery Pro Full Key,Phần mềm phá password Office 2007,2010 cùng 2013

Forgot Office 2013 password? Get all-in-1 Office Password Recovery software right now khổng lồ remove or recover the lost, forgotten password for Office document. It 100% guarantees lớn recover password lớn open or edit MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Access database, PowerPoint presentation, & Outlook.pst file etc. for Office suite. New GPU technical up to lớn 5X faster than others.

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Instant access to password-protected documents in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, etc).Boost the tốc độ khổng lồ recover password with multi-core CPU & GPU acceleration.Offer 2 recovery service: remove password và recover password。Support nearly all versions of Microsoft Office applications from 97 khổng lồ 2013.
Remove password for Word (.doc, .docx) documents.Recover password for Excel (.xls, .xlsx) documents.Unloông xã password for Access (*.mdb, *.accdb) documents.Crachồng password for PowerPoint (*ppt, *pptx) documents.Rephối password for Outlook (*pst) documents.Recover passwords for Microsoft Project, Publisher, Onecảnh báo, etc
There are two Office password recovery modes. You can choose either of them according lớn your requirement:
Office Password Recovery: It enables you khổng lồ recover the Office document password with three robust options: brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attaông xã & dictionary attaông chồng. This mode supports Office 97-2013.Brute-force with mask attack:This option will check all characters one by one khổng lồ find your password.Brute-force attack:This option will check all characters one by one lớn find your password.Dictionary attack:If you have sầu a password dictionary already, please import the dictionary tệp tin, it will help you sift the right password from the dictionary. Actually, this option guarantees great rate for success.Password Remover: It allows you to lớn instantly remove sầu and wipe out this locked Office password. It is available for Office 97 khổng lồ 2003.

"Encrypted File Searcher" allows you lớn scan a chosen location and tìm kiếm for the encrypted files. 2 scan types are provided:
Quiông xã Scan: The locked files can be found in a very short time since it will skip system files & database files.Full Scan: This type will scan all files and folders deeply. So the scanning results will be more specific.

Instantly Recover Office Document Password

Decrypt and recover password for any document of MS Office suite no matter how svào or complex the password is.Multiple-core processors can accelerate the password recovery speed significantly.

Easy and Fast to lớn Use

Follow the clear & friendly instruction on the interface, you can recover lost, forgotten Office password with only 3 steps.1. Import password protected document.2. Select password recovery mode.3. Start lớn remove sầu or recover.To further boost the recovery speed, Office Password Recovery tool allows up to lớn 32 CPUs or CPU cores và up khổng lồ 8 GPUs.

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Wide Compatibility

It runs well on the newest Windows 8.1 as well as other version lượt thích Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.. và Windows Server 2012/2011/2008, etc.It supports nearly all versions of Microsoft Office applications from 97 khổng lồ 2013.