There are few things more frustrating than wanting to kiểm tra on the football scores or the lachạy thử movie Review & seeing ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED in your browser. The chances are that you’re using Chrome if you see those words. Edge và Firefox say different things. Regardless of the syntax, the frustration is just the same.

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Type ipconfig /flushdns & hit Enter.Type ipconfig /registerdns và hit Enter.

This process will flush the DNS cabít, forcing Windows & your browser to lớn reload DNS afresh. The method addresses most ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED errors, but if you still see it, try the following process.

Manually Configure your DNS Servers

Open Control Panel & navigate khổng lồ Network and Internet.Right-cliông chồng your network adapter & select Properties.Select ‘Use the following DNS…’ & add và in the spaces. Clichồng OK. These two servers are Google’s DNS servers & are very, very fast và accurate.

Change Router’s DNS Settings

If you use a router, you may also need to lớn change the DNS hệ thống settings there. Some cable companies specify the DNS hệ thống used within the router config, which can override your Windows settings. If nothing changes after making these modifications, it might be worth checking your router.

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In the end, one of these steps is sure khổng lồ fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED errors. For most cases, flushing DNS through the command prompt and forcing a reload of the config is enough to fix the DNS error. If not, the other two processes definitely will.


I want to lớn watch my favorite movie suddenly I can"t menton it even though I"ve downloaded the ticket so I ask to fix it :) keisha says:
I want to watch my favorite movie suddenly I can’t menton it even though I’ve sầu downloaded the ticket so I ask lớn fix it